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Letters Of Appreciation

The following quotes are extracted from actual letters of appreciation. References are available upon request.

What the Lawyers Say About Our Company:

"You amaze myself and Lawyers working with me:you deal patiently and conscientiously" – FCT LL.B

"Opposing counsel are often so impressed that they use Mitchell on their next case" – P.G.S., LL.B

"I (wish) to express my sincere gratitude together with the appreciation of my client" – P.S. LL.B.

"I was impressed with your professionalism and ingenuity at the settlement meeting" – E.W.G. Q.C

"Tremendous service, creativity, perseverance in difficult circumstances" – A.C., LL.B

"A dedicated professional in whom I have complete confidence" – M.G., Q.C.

"Extremely helpful...Retain Mitchell whenever the need arises" – M.B.G., LL.B

"Astounded at the quality of service. You clearly went the extra mile" – I.D., LL.B

"Mr. Mitchell gained my client's confidence immediately" – K.J.B., LL.B

"High praise, even from the other party's lawyer" – T.P.B., LL.B.

"Mr. Mitchell's involvement is invaluable" – J.E.D., LL.B

"We are grateful for your wise counsel" – M.D.R.O. Q.C.

What the Plaintiffs Say About Our Company:

"I was amazed at the efforts you devoted to my case" – Plaintiff

"I am truly amazed...Thank you from my daughter, My wife, and I" – Plaintiff

"Fortunately, you changed my mind. with your unusual ability" – Plaintiff

"Pleased and impressed...You made a very difficult time tolerable" – Plaintiff

"My husband and myself are forever indebted to Mr. Mitchell" – Plaintiff

"You have given us the precious gift of financial stability & freedom" – Plaintiff

"Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. You certainly eased the pain" – Plaintiff

"Considerate, Sincere, Professional, Empathetic" – Plaintiff

"I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude" – Plaintiff

"I can rest assured thanks entirely to Mr. Mitchell" – Plaintiff

"I will never be able to thank Doug Mitchell enough" – Plaintiff