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Letters Of Appreciation

The following quotes are extracted from actual letters of appreciation. References are available upon request.

What the Lawyers Say About Our Company

“You amaze myself and Lawyers working with me:you deal patiently and conscientiously” — FCT LL.B

“Opposing counsel are often so impressed that they use Mitchell on their next case” — P.G.S., LL.B

“I (wish) to express my sincere gratitude together with the appreciation of my client” — P.S. LL.B.

“I was impressed with your professionalism and ingenuity at the settlement meeting” — E.W.G. Q.C

“Tremendous service, creativity, perseverance in difficult circumstances” — A.C., LL.B

“A dedicated professional in whom I have complete confidence” — M.G., Q.C.

“Extremely helpful...Retain Mitchell whenever the need arises” — M.B.G., LL.B

“Astounded at the quality of service. You clearly went the extra mile” — I.D., LL.B

“Mr. Mitchell gained my client's confidence immediately” — K.J.B., LL.B

“High praise, even from the other party's lawyer” — T.P.B., LL.B.

“Mr. Mitchell's involvement is invaluable” — J.E.D., LL.B

“We are grateful for your wise counsel” — M.D.R.O. Q.C.

“Your professional abilities assisted greatly in the settlement” — D.J.,LL.B

“I hope to work closely again with you in respect of other clients” — G.T.,LL.B

“I will look forward to working with you on other cases” — J.T.G.,Q.C

“My clients appreciate the extra yards you went to” — B.C.F.,LL.B

“My client in particular was very pleased” — R.F.R.,Q.C

“I look forward to working with you again in the future” — M.F.K.,LL.B

“You were fast, courteous, and responded to all our needs” — H.D.S.,Q.C

“Your time, patience, and understanding, contributed greatly to my client's comfort” — V.C.,LL.B

“Your guidance made the difference in reaching this settlement” — W.S.Z.,LL.B

“I have been very impressed with the service provided” — G.H.L.,LL.B

“Mitchell provides excellent service, immediate response and consistent best price” — Ins. Co.

“You were instrumental in the settlement of the matter” — C.M.V.P.,Q.C.

“We've benefited from Mr. Mitchell's personal abilities and responsiveness” — Ins. Co.

“Mitchell is prompt, efficient, resourceful and very knowledgeable” — F.C.R.,LL.B

“A surprising level of rapport with my client. Knowledgeable & professional” — R.J.S.,LL.B

“Douglas Mitchell provides a skillful comprehensive approach” — Ins. Co.

“Professionalism and a personal touch... Very pleased” — I.P.S.,LL.B

“I have always found Mitchell to be very knowledgeable, prompt, and available” — J.B.T.,LL.B

“Very much appreciate the prompt, professional way in which you dealt with my files” — R.C.L.,Q.C

“Your services are extremely valuable; I want to compliment you on the speed & accuracy” — P.S.K.,Q.C

“Your card should read ‘Mitchell the miracle worker’” — G.C.,LL.B

“A ONE OF A KIND STRUCTURE GUY who acts in the interest of the VICTIMS” — P.P.M.,LL.B


What the Plaintiffs Say About Our Company

“I was amazed at the efforts you devoted to my case” — Plaintiff

“I am truly amazed...Thank you from my daughter, my wife, and I” — Plaintiff

“Fortunately, you changed my mind. with your unusual ability” — Plaintiff

“Pleased and impressed...You made a very difficult time tolerable” — Plaintiff

“My husband and myself are forever indebted to Mr. Mitchell” — Plaintiff

“You have given us the precious gift of financial stability & freedom” — Plaintiff

“Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. You certainly eased the pain” — Plaintiff

“Considerate, Sincere, Professional, Empathetic” — Plaintiff

“I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude” — Plaintiff

“I can rest assured thanks entirely to Mr. Mitchell” — Plaintiff

“I will never be able to thank Doug Mitchell enough” — Plaintiff

“Thank you... I am amazed... Your precision & clarity helped so much” — Plaintiff