Structured Settlements


Tax Free Benefits:

The periodic payments from structured settlements are irrevocably directed to the claimant and are received tax-free.

Good Investment Returns:

The funds invested in the structured annuity pay interest that is roughly equal to other secure long-term investments such as Government bonds or Guaranteed Investment Certificates.

Benefits Guaranteed To Last a Lifetime:

The lifetime structured settlement makes payments as long as the claimant remains alive. A major Canadian Life Insurance Company guarantees the payments. The claimant cannot outlive the income from the structured settlement. With life expectancies increasing every year, a Lifetime Structured Settlement Annuity is the best way to guarantee peace of mind.

Security of Investment:

SSG works with four of the largest Life Insurance Companies in Canada and these companies issue structured settlement annuities. These companies each have excellent credit ratings; with a minimum of "AA" ratings from Standard and Poors Insurance Rating Services.

Standard Life Assurance Company

  • Now merged with Manulife; but Assuris Guarantees apply separately to annuities issued by either Company
  • Established in 1833
  • Standard Life Group $189 Billion in assets under management worldwide
  • $28 Billion in assets under management in Canada
  • Standard and Poors credit rating AAA

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

  • Established in 1871
  • Sun Life Assurance Company $355 Billion in assets under management
  • $89 Billion in assets under management in Canada
  • Standard and Poors credit rating AA+

The Canada Life Assurance Company

  • Established in 1847
  • $65 Billion in assets under management in Canada
  • Standard and Poors credit rating AA

The Manufacturer's Life Insurance Company

  • Established in 1887
  • $146 Billion in assets under management worldwide
  • $33 Billion in assets under management in Canada
  • Standard and Poors credit rating AA+

Additional Guarantees

ASSURIS, (formerly named CompCorp) is an organization supported and run by the Canadian Life Insurance Industry and regulated by the Canadian Government. ASSURIS guarantees annuity payments up to $2,000 / month from each Canadian Life Insurance Company to each recipient AND 85% of any amount over $2000.

On larger settlements SSG suggests consideration of the extra security produced by dividing the structure among several Life Insurance Companies to "spread the risk" and increase security on the payment steams by obtaining multiple "CompCorp" guarantees.

In addition, the original Defendant Insurance Company remains financially responsible to ensure that EVERY payment is made to the claimant


The structured settlement, once set, cannot be changed. This means that the recipient cannot "dip into" the capital in order to help family or friends, or to make risky investments. The purpose of any settlement is to protect the claimant's future. Structuring the settlement bars the door to temptation and nuisance. With one solid decision, the stress and risks of long-term fund management are removed.

No Management Fees:

Investment advisors, money managers and mutual fund managers charge fees and commissions in the 2.5% range. These fees are usually taken no matter how the investments fare. In recent years the TSE index has declined significantly. In addition to losing value investors are still paying for investment and management advice.

Guaranteed Period Available:

If there are sufficient funds we recommend a structure that pays as long as the claimant lives, but there is always the possibility of premature death. This could happen for any number of reasons. SSG also always recommends a guaranteed period be added to the structure plan.


Lifetime structure includes a 30-year guarantee.
The recipient dies at year 6.
Inheritors will receive the tax-free payments for another 24 years.

This feature can be purchased for a very modest cost.


Usually the total settlement is not structured. An initial amount is normally needed to pay immediate needs and legal fees.

Structure payments can be designed to meet individual needs:

  • Lifetime payments
  • Guarantee periods to inheritors
  • Annual increases
  • Special periods of increased payments
  • Lump sums on specific future dates

Every circumstance is different. Every claimant is different. At SSG we help analyze future needs and then carefully tailor a structure that fits the individual's needs, drawing upon our years of experience in thousands of cases.

Creditor Protection:

The Defendant Casualty Insurer is the registered owner of the non-commutable, non-assignable, non-transferable annuity. Creditors and departing spouses of the claimant cannot attack the annuity.

Canadian law demands that the payments be IRREVOCABLY directed to the claimant (until they die). That cannot be changed.

Indexing Feature Available:

Payments can be arranged to increase at a set amount each year such as 2% or 5%; or they can be tied to the Consumer Price Index. We do recommend some form of indexing to protect against inflation.